Found Drowned: Missing Murdered Kayaker Vincent Viafore

May 24, 2015

NY police say missing murdered kayaker Vincent Viafore has been found drowned this weekend, well over a month after he disappeared in a suspicious boating mishap with his fiancée Angelika Graswald. 

Viafore, 46, allegedly went into the frigid and choppy Hudson River on April 19, 2015, while kayaking across it with his betrothed -- she survived the incident; he did not, in what investigators insist was a calculated homicide.

Approximately two weeks after her fiancé’s disappearance, following peculiar and often conflicting statements the 35-year-old Latvian born woman made about the incident, Graswald was taken into custody where she remains today.

The badly decomposed body of Vincent Viafore was pulled from the river near West Point academy, and not far from where Graswald claims the fatal capsizing of his personal craft occurred. It was then taken to the Orange County medical examiner’s office for autopsy.

Although upstate NY prosecutors doubt Graswald’s version of the deadly event, the location of Viafore’s waterlogged corpse and the amount of time it took to refloat is consistent with a legitimate drowning, factoring in both water and air temps and the effect these have on the rate of decomposition gases.

However, upstate New York prosecutors assert that despite the possibility that Viafore’s was an authentic drowning death, Graswald “tampered with his kayak” in order to compromise its seaworthiness and cause it to sink.

They say her motive was a life insurance policy worth a quarter of a million dollars, and that she confessed she'd murdered her wealthy beau for the money and was “happy” he died.

Lawyers for Angelika Graswald have had no luck getting the accused woman released from a Poughkeepsie NY jail, or with raising the $3-million bond that, if paid, could see her temporarily freed.

They further say their client is innocent of all charges, and that, because English is her second language, Graswald is being persecuted for misspeaking herself in public as well as during police interrogations.

At the moment though, that view of this truly perplexing case appears to reflect the minority’s opinion, unfortunately.

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