Glamorous American Aide Worker Found Raped and Stabbed to Death in Costa Rica (photo)

Dec 12, 2015

The body of American health aide worker Sondra Lynn Elizondo (below) was found in a Costa Rican hotel room on Thursday. 

American Aide Worker Found Raped and Stabbed to Death in San Jose - Costa Rica

The 46-year-old woman died from multiple stab wounds after first being robbed, raped and suffocated, police in San Jose revealed to news reporters for The Costa Rica Star.

Sondra Lynn was a founder and organizer of the Florida-based ‘Vida Volunteer’ charity and had served in the Peace Corps during the early 1990s.

Her Central American NGO provides medical assistance and veterinary services throughout impoverished areas of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

An agency spokesperson posted a statement on Vida’s facebook page acknowledging the violent death of their chief administrator last week and praising her many charitable contributions:

“Sondra dedicated her life to her children and this organization. Our heart is heavy at her loss,” it partly read.

Local tabloid Diario Extra is reporting this morning that a 25-year-old male suspect from Coronado has been apprehended in the brutal assault and murder of Sondra Lynn Elizondo last week.

Costa Rican authorities said they found him in possession of the victim’s valuables and that he had gone on a “spending spree” with her stolen credit cards.



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