Help Sought in 1994 Cold Case Murder of 7yo Las Vegas Boy (see photo)

Nov 4, 2015

It’s been over two decades since 7-year-old Tony Bagley (below) was shot to death in North Las Vegas while trick-or-treating with his family dressed as a skeleton. 

Help Sought in 1994 Cold Case Murder of 7yo Las Vegas Boy (see photo)

The still-unknown gunman lay in wait on Halloween night 1994, then opened fire on Bagley’s group, fatally shooting the little boy in the head and injuring three of his relatives.

Witnesses to the mass shooting said the suspect was a short, black male clad in dark clothing; however no one was ever even named a person-of-interest in the cold case killing.

Several years later, the victim’s father was himself found guilty of homicide and remains jailed for that crime to this day.

But Anthony Bagley Sr. -- a rumored drug dealer -- has only further complicated the matter by failing to speak with investigators trying to solve his namesake’s murder.

Regardless of that lack of cooperation though, the North Las Vegas Police Department is as determined as ever to bring Tony Bagley Jr’s killer to justice at last.

They urge anyone with information about that evening and/or who has insight as to the motive for the violent crime to contact their cold case detectives at 702-633-9111.



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