Islamic State Recruiting Foreigners So They Can Rob, Rape, Castrate and Kill Them (defectors)

Nov 21, 2015

ISIS defectors are warning Americans, Brits, Frenchmen, etc., that Islamic State recruiters are “tricking them to join up” so they can rob, gang rape, castrate and even kill them as “infidels.” 

foreign-born ISIS captive being beheaded for propaganda recruitment film

Such barbaric crimes are easy to commit because all foreign-born enlistees first have to surrender their passports and valuables to IS handlers as soon as they step foot on ISIS-held territory.

They’re then imprisoned, sexually assaulted by gangs of Arab militants, and tortured -- often for years -- instead of being trained to fight as promised by their recruiters.

Sometimes these captives are even publicly beheaded for propaganda recruitment films, but not before they’re permanently maimed.

That diabolical bait-and-switch scheme is easy for the Islamic State to conceal from unsuspecting foreigners, because the victims are instructed not to share their plans “with anyone” before embarking on “one-way journeys” to Islam.

And after they secretly arrive there, warn the few who barely escaped being castrated and killed themselves, “it’s too late.”

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