THE DEVIL AND ST. PAUL: Lessons in Greatness and Rape for NH Preppies (photo)

Aug 17, 2015

Greatness and rape are part of the curriculum at an elite prep school in NH that John Kerry, Robert Meuller, Garry Trudeau and at least two Kennedys attended, alongside scores of other famous politicians, writers, actors, and businessmen. 

That’s what an accused rapist who also earned his diploma from St. Paul academy in Concord, New Hampshire has revealed about the esteemed preparatory school that trains tomorrow’s giants in government, industry and the arts:

Prestigious St. Paul’s not only educates youngsters on how to become exceptional world leaders, says defendant Owen Labrie, but it also teaches its young men to be extraordinary sex offenders.

THE DEVIL AND ST. PAUL: Lessons in Greatness and Rape for NH Preppies (photo)Specifically at the focus of this week’s rape trial of the 19-year-old alum is a depraved school tradition dubbed the “Senior Salute” which involves the sexual exploitation of first-year female students via a point system that he himself ranked number one in.

In hot pursuit of that *lofty* achievement, Labrie is accused of luring a freshman girl onto a campus rooftop and repeatedly raping her there, in a surprise attack that, once reported, earned the Harvard-bound perpetrator a swift rejection, together with a slew of felony charges.

The disgraced preppie, who faces trial today on three criminal counts of aggravated sex assault, endangering the welfare of a minor and using a computer to entice his under-aged victim, has already admitted St. Paul’s own guilt in the matter.

“The school has to put its foot down on this culture,” Labrie volunteered to investigators last year, in a police affidavit obtained shortly after his arrest which intricately detailed the Senior Salute rape ritual and how scoring was tallied.

“It's not healthy,” he added.

While it isn’t known yet how long Saluting has actually been practiced by St. Paul’s male students, the prep school itself -- founded in 1856 on a 2000-acre estate bordering New Hampshire’s capitol city -- began admitting females over 44 years ago.

photo of St. Paul School's accused preppie rapist Owne Labrie

Former class leader Owen Labrie concedes he was a particularly zealous participant in the annual Senior Salute contest, although he asserts now that his young accuser is lying about being sexually assaulted by him in May of 2014.

Asked why the girl would invent such a grave accusation, a remorseless Labrie responded that having sex with guys like himself is “a great source of pride for younger students.”

St. Paul administrators have declined to comment on the Senior Salute, but, in anticipation of their honored graduate’s rape trial, a spokesman told the Associated Press via email that the school “has policies in place to ensure that our students are safe, secure, and treated equitably.”

He closed that evasive communiqué by saying the prep school’s current sex scandal “has provided us with an important opportunity to reconsider elements of our shared life that do not appear in our strategic plan.”

Whatever that means.



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