No Known Motive in Stabbing Death of Sleeping Kid by Indiana Intruder - Kentucky

Dec 9, 2015

A popular Kentucky kindergartener was knifed to death as he slept, during a predawn attack perpetrated by a very strange Indiana stranger. 

No clear motive for the weird crime has been established yet, since the deadly home invader and his young victim have no known ties.

First responders found 6-year-old Logan Tipton dead of multiple stab wounds to the head on Monday morning, and the attacker being held at bay by the slain boy’s father.

Lexington KY officials say the suspect -- Ronald Exantus, 32 of Indianapolis -- is a registered nurse from out of state.

He was incoherent when taken into custody, and has provided few if any clues as to why he traveled hundreds of miles to break into the child’s house and kill the sleeping kid in his bedroom.

Two of Logan Tipton’s siblings also suffered injuries in the bizarre incident, but these were deemed to be non life-threatening.




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