Trial of Philip Chism for Raping and Butchering His Teacher Nears End (photo show)

Dec 13, 2015

If anyone didn’t deserve to meet up with deadly teen Philip Chism it was beloved math teacher Colleen Ritzer. 

Trial of Philip Chism for Raping and Butchering His Teacher Nears End (foto show)

The young Massachusetts educator was assaulted, slain and raped after school one day in 2013, then her butchered body posed obscenely in the adjacent woods by her 14-year-old attacker.

Now 16, Chism is being tried for the vulgar crime, in a murder trial that’s seen a number of unforeseen delays -- such as the one caused by his head-banging “psychotic break” last month and another more recently when his a defense attorney took sick.

Philip Chism shown stalking victim Colleen Ritzer

The sickening crime itself has taken a twofold toll on the victim’s family, and when last week courtroom proceedings where once more disrupted, Ritzer’s heartbroken mom understandably broke down in tears.

Chism, though, is a remorseless and unmovable juvenile offender, with chillingly dead eyes and a towering frame.

Philip Chism sexual homicide trial

He’s pled guilty to the sexual homicide of Colleen Ritzer, presenting an insanity defense that the prosecution contends “he’s faking.”

It may be that the trial judge is beginning to suspect the same: The court just prevented the defense from presenting MRI *evidence* that Chism suffers from schizophrenia and may have had a traumatic brain injury during early childhood.

Philip Chism sexual homicide trial resumes

Closing arguments in the disturbing case are scheduled for Monday, barring any more of his bizarre outbursts or other unplanned adjournments.

Whatever the outcome, Philip Chism will next be facing trial on attempted-murder charges for a similar assault he perpetrated against a female corrections guard in 2014, while incarcerated at a juvenile detention center.

As he had done to math teacher Collen Ritzer, he likewise stalked the victim to an area of the jail where he though he wouldn’t be seen -- a bathroom -- even taking off his shoes so the target wouldn’t hear him coming.

There, Chism cornered the young woman, punching her in the head repeatedly and stabbing her at least once with a sharpened pencil, before he was subdued by her colleagues.

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Sexual Homicide trial of Philip Chism

Philip Chism's pants shown here drenched in Ritzer's blood



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