Reward for Missing Male College Student Now $100,000 (photo)

Mar 31, 2015 - 0 Comments

The reward for a missing male college student from the University of California has just been upped to $100,000. 

The 19-year-old undergrad hasn’t been seen or heard from since leaving a Spring Break fraternity party for a breath of fresh air on March 28th.

Authorities say at 1:30 in the morning that day, Berkeley School freshman Eloi Vasquez, allegedly told his fellow partygoers  that he was going for a brief walk, but then never returned.

Vasquez’s mother said her now missing son had in fact phoned a friend in another county within just a half hour of departing the frat house alone to say he was “in trouble” and “lost.”

MISSING: Eloi Vasquez

"Everyone knows how responsible he is, how dedicated to school he is, and he hasn't contacted anyone since," she told reporters. "Something is going on with him."

The friend who Vasquez called that morning says, "he pretty much said, 'I need you to come over here, I need help.' I asked him, 'where are you?' and he told me that he was in LA and that he didn’t know where he was at and that he was lost."

Then, moments later, Vasquez called him back. "The second time he called it just clicked. I didn’t know if his phone died, or if he hung up."

Eloi Vasquez doesn’t have his wallet, money or identification on him, his mother stressed. Something which could indicate that the youth left the frat party in a panic, or was otherwise in a very confused state of mind.

Whichever, he’s hardly the only missing male college student who has similarly and mysteriously vanished without a trace, particularly in that Cali region, adding to the urgency of the search for him this week.

Therefore anyone who has information as to Vasquez’s current whereabouts is urged to contact the LAPD immediately. An unprecedented $100,000 reward is additionally being offered by his family.



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