Zimbabwe Now Seeks Dr. Jan Seski, a Second American Poacher (mugshot)

Aug 3, 2015

Zimbabwe now seeks Dr. Jan Seski, a second American poacher who illegally took down one of the country’s protected lions with a bow and arrow this spring. 

The wealthy gynecologist with something to prove lives in a secluded estate in Pennsylvania, and, according to various web postings, has killed a number of large *game* with little regard for whether it was unlawful for him to do.

photo of poacher Dr. Jan Seski wearing a pretty bonnet

“He was bowhunting Africa before it was publically [sic] legal. Amazing guy!” one of Dr. Jan Seski’s gushing admirers posted online, noting that, “he doesn’t want publicity though.”

As with disgraced Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, however, the public release of Dr. Seski’s name by Zimbabwean officials this week is negatively impacting him as well -- both at his Pittsburgh medical practice and in virtual reality where ignominious trophy-hunter #2 is also now being vilified.

Poacher extraordinaire Jan Seski is attributed with murdering more than just endangered big cats though. He’s also hunted elephants and other exotic animals which, this decade, all teeter on the brink of extinction, mainly from being over poached.

The Pittsburgh physician’s dubious safari in April, when he allegedly tracked and killed a lion from a national wildlife sanctuary, involved the same landowner who aided Walter Palmer last month in his illicit luring, slaying, beheading and skinning of famed Cecil the lion.

Today, that suddenly-talkative guide appears to be the only member of doctors Palmer and Seski’s posse of poachers to show a willingness to cooperate with the Zimbabwe foreign-poaching crackdown.

In lieu of criminal charges, of course.

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