Killer of Heather Ciccone May Have Left a Taunting Clue (see photos)
Dec 13, 2015,

Police investigating the murder of Heather Ciccone last weekend in Spotsylvania Virginia are seeking the public’s help in deciphering a mysterious clue that could identify her killer. 

Leniency Shown Killer of Boy Scout Leader He Says Raped Him as a Kid - NJ
Dec 12, 2015,

A New Jersey court has leniently sentenced a 50-year-old man who stabbed to death the former Boy Scout leader he accused of raping him when he was a child. 

Jail Death of Accused Cop Killer Probed in Hattiesburg - Mississippi
Dec 12, 2015,

Accused cop killer Marvin Banks was found “unresponsive” in his jail cell yesterday and later pronounced dead. 

WANTED: Suspect in Ashley Bortner Murder Immolation Still At Large (photos)
Dec 12, 2015,

Wanted man Fernando Owens is believed to be the mastermind of Ashley Bortner’s revenge killing and immolation last month. 

Glamorous American Aide Worker Found Raped and Stabbed to Death in Costa Rica (photo)
Dec 12, 2015,

The body of American health aide worker Sondra Lynn Elizondo (below) was found in a Costa Rican hotel room on Thursday. 

Couple Who Killed and Fed Son to Pigs Charged with Murder - Kansas
Dec 12, 2015,

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones below are accused of “torturing or cruelly beating” their 7-year-old son to death then dumping his corpse in their Kansas City pigsty. 

Did Radicalized San Bernardino Couple Dump Evidence in Seccombe Lake?
Dec 11, 2015,

Divers resumed searching the depths of Seccombe Lake today for evidence they think the San Bernardino shooters may have dumped there before or after their terror attack on a community center.