MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Nancy Bromet Garcia, 37 of FLA (photo)
Dec 11, 2015,

ALERT: Worried loved ones of Nancy Bromet Garcia (below), and the Florida police, are seeking the public’s help in solving her missing persons case. 

Runaway train was tampered with by someone who knew what they were doing.
Dec 11, 2015,

Investigators have indicated that yesterday’s runaway train, which took off for Boston from Braintree MA with riders onboard but no driver, was “tampered with.” 

The Monster of Monserrate Confesses to 16 Serial Killings (photo)
Dec 10, 2015,

Columbian officials have a 37-year-old suspected serial-killer in custody dubbed the Monster of Monserrate. 

Coroner: Mauled Michigan Woman Committed Suicide-by-Dogs (photo)
Dec 10, 2015,

Michigan officials are claiming that the young woman below deliberately climbed into a pen of vicious dogs last week so the pack of pit bulls would maul her death. 

Anti Abortionists Have a Scary New Spokesman (Like it or Not)
Dec 10, 2015,

PHOTO: Colorado’s latest psychotic shooter Robert Dear is proud to be a “warrior for babies” and won’t let his evil public defender “silence” him about Planned Parenthood. 

Mounted Officer Down (to comfort his dying patrol horse)
Dec 10, 2015,

PHOTO: Mounted officer D. Herrejon comforts his dying patrol horse Charlotte, after she was fatally struck by a vehicle while on patrol last week. 

Missing Bro of TV Star Kristin Cavallari Led a Troubled Life (pics)
Dec 9, 2015,

Sources claim the illustrious Cavallari family delayed reporting their black sheep, Michael, missing last month so his disappearance wouldn’t mar their reputation.