Spokane Cop Raped His Fellow Officer When She was Unconscious - Washington
Dec 5, 2015,

Washington officials say a Spokane cop who raped his fellow officer when she was unconscious will finally be prosecuted for sex assault. 

Flight Risk Oscar Pistorius Ordered to Appear in Court ASAP (photo)
Dec 4, 2015,

South African prosecutors today have demanded Oscar Pistorius appear in court ASAP “as a matter of extreme urgency.” 

Missing X-Men Producer Eric Kohler: I Do Not Want To Be Found (hiding in Mexico)
Dec 4, 2015,

A Mexico man says missing FX producer Eric Kohler mugged for the photo below on Wednesday night, and also told him that he doesn’t want to be found. 

BREAKING: San Bernardino Female Shooter Pledged Allegiance to ISIS
Dec 4, 2015,

BREAKING - Sources for CNN and Reuters are reporting that the San Bernardino female shooter had recently pledged allegiance to ISIS via the internet. 

#America_Bleeding - How Many Mass Shootings Have There Been This Year?
Dec 4, 2015,

Almost every American state has seen mass casualties from public shootings this year … and 2015 isn’t even over yet. 

Facebook Video of Tot Smoking Pot Under Investigation (screengrab)
Dec 4, 2015,

Video of a tot smoking pot was recently uploaded to Facebook and is now the subject of a police investigation for child endangerment. 

Michigan Humane Society offers REWARD in Abuse of Pomeranian Pup (sad photos)
Dec 3, 2015,

The Detroit Michigan Humane Society is offering a reward for the arrest of the person who mortally injured a Pomeranian mix-breed pup, then left the small dog for dead in a trashcan.