#EXPLAINER: This Is What Happens to Dogs Whose Snouts Are Taped Shut (graphic)
Nov 30, 2015,

The graphic photograph below explains why taping a dog’s snout is not only cruel, but dangerous to its health. 

Father Fed Slain Son to the Pigs - Kansas City
Nov 30, 2015,

A Kansas City father suspected of beating his 7-year-old to death and feeding the boy’s corpse to his pigs is being held on $10-million bond while police continue to investigate. 

Family of Missing Student Tyler Berg Seeks Help Finding 24yo (photo, tip-line, link)
Nov 29, 2015,

Shown in the photo below, 24-year-old Tyler Berg vanished without a trace from St. Cloud Minnesota on November 22nd. 

Colorado Gunman Goes Postal On Planned Parenthood (photos)
Nov 28, 2015,

Shown below is the Colorado gunman who went postal on a Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday, leaving behind at least a dozen victims injured or dead, and fears of a booby-trap. 

White House Fence Jumper: All right Lets Do This.
Nov 27, 2015,

Clenching a mysterious notebook in his teeth and clad in an American flag, Joe Caputo easily leapt over the White House’s brand new security fence on Thanksgiving Day, spikes and all. 

Crime Magazine Wishes You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Nov 26, 2015,

Crime Magazine is taking a brief pause from murder, malice and mayhem today to wish you and yours a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

Fire at Massachusetts No-Kill Shelter Kills Over 40 Cats and Dogs (donations urgently needed)
Nov 24, 2015,

Almost all the shelter animals at the Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals kennel perished this week in a massive fire that engulfed the facility just before midnight on Sunday.