Serial Freeway Shooter: How Can They Have the Right Guy if He Has an Alibi?
Oct 15, 2015,

Arizona authorities eager to nail their serial freeway shooter don’t seemed troubled that the suspect they’ve arrested didn’t do all or any of the crimes… 

Pennsylvania Cold Case Turns Suddenly Warm (photo)
Oct 14, 2015,

A startling discovery in a decades-old unsolved homicide turned a classic cold case suddenly warm this week in Pennsylvania. 

Dismembered Garfield Park Toddler is Not Missing Indiana Baby (police sketch, tip-lines)
Oct 14, 2015,

DNA tests done on the dismembered Garfield Park toddler (see sketch below) and the mother of a missing Indiana boy are a mismatch, authorities from two states announced this week. 

Cult Parents Who Killed Son At Church Ritual Arrested in NY
Oct 14, 2015,

“Secretive” cult church members Bruce Leonard, 65, and his 59-year-old wife Deborah Leonard have been charged with first-degree manslaughter in the beating death of their son Lucas. 

Brendan Link Creato: Missing NJ Toddler Found Dead at River Park (photo)
Oct 14, 2015,

Three-year-old Brendan Link Creato was allegedly staying at his father’s apartment in Haddon Township NJ when he “wandered off” dressed only in pajamas and slippers.  

Prime Suspect in Kirsten Hatfield Kidnapping Cold Case Arrested in OK
Oct 14, 2015,

The neighbor of Kirsten Hatfield (shown below) and the prime suspect in her kidnapping cold case has finally been arrested for the 8-year-old girl’s disappearance and murder in 1997. 

Missing Dallas Teen Zoe Hastings Found Slain (photo)
Oct 13, 2015,

Shown below, missing Dallas teen Zoe Hastings has been found slain.