Court Says Cosby Must Come Clean (sworn deposition ordered)
Aug 7, 2015,

A Los Angeles court says Bill Cosby must come clean by providing the plaintiff in a historic sex abuse lawsuit his sworn deposition ASAP

Weaponized Marijuana a Serious Threat to NYC
Aug 6, 2015,

Officials are calling weaponized marijuana a serious threat to NYC, as borough police battle a synthetic drug that, like the current Legionnaire’s outbreak, is spreading like an epidemic. 

Why You Should Decline Invites to the ZONE OF DEATH
Aug 6, 2015,

Until further notice, decline all invites to the Zone of Death in Yellowstone National Park, unless of course you want to risk becoming a victim of the “perfect crime.” 

Jared Fogle Says He Had Amazing Sex With a Child.
Aug 6, 2015,

Confiscated text messages in which Jared Fogle says he had amazing sex with a child are part of the body of evidence that’s threatening to land the disgraced foodie spokesman in hot water. 

Fake Cop Arrested for Trying to Arrest Real Cop (Ohio)
Aug 6, 2015,

A fake cop arrested for trying to arrest a real cop in Ohio on Sunday night had suspiciously tricked-out his own vehicle with a flashing band of red and blue emergency lights. 

MISSING PERSON: Freedive Phenom Natalia Molchanova Believed Drowned [Spain]
Aug 6, 2015,

Rescuers in Spain have given up the search for freedive phenom Natalia Molchanova, believed to have drowned while recreationally diving off the coast of Balearic Sea near Formentera Island. 

Twitter Gets Dragged Into Ugly Custody Battle
Aug 5, 2015,

Social media giant Twitter is being dragged into a controversial child custody case, Crime Magazine has learned