New Charges for Man Who Filmed and Taunted Fatal Crash Victims (Bribery)
Oct 26, 2015,

An Ohio man arrested last summer for filming and taunting teen crash victims now faces additional charges connected with the original crime. 

Justice At Last in Cold Case Murder of 6-Year-Old Boy from CA
Oct 25, 2015,

A grieving mom who phoned cold case detectives every year since 1986 when her little boy was found stabbed to death got a much-awaited callback from the police this month. 

Kendra Hatcher Killing: Cops Claim Mastermind Brenda Delgado is in Mexico (pics)
Oct 25, 2015,

Texas officials say the mastermind murderer of Dr. Kendra Hatcher long ago fled “to Mexico” where she has close ties to a dangerous drug cartel and dual citizenry. 

#Philistine Busted for Vandalizing Prehistoric Carvings in CA
Oct 25, 2015,

A California man who vindictively vandalized prehistoric carvings in the Sequoia National Forest with obscenities has been arrested. 

#TalkTalk Cyber Breach Leads to Ransom Demand - UK
Oct 25, 2015,

The TalkTalk Group has gone unusually silent this week after a security breach froze them up and the hackers issued a ransom demand. 

Motel Strangler Lived With His Murdered Mom for Months - NY
Oct 25, 2015,

A man strangled his mom in their NY motel room this summer, then lived with her decomposing corpse for nearly two months before dumping it in South Carolina. 

Drunk Driver Plows Into OSU Homecoming Parade (fatalities and injuries reported)
Oct 24, 2015,

A drunk driver plowed into spectators at Oklahoma State University’s pregame homecoming parade today, killing and injuring over two dozen people.