BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Cross-Dressing Chinaman Drugged Then Mugged His Dates (photos)
Oct 24, 2015,

PHOTOS:  A cross-dressing Chinese man who drugged and mugged at least six males he lured through online dating sites has been charged with fraud and theft for his weird crime spree. 

Plea Deal for Appalachian Trail Fugitive Now Suspected of Murder by Arson - Ohio
Oct 23, 2015,

Ohio sources say an embezzler nabbed under a false identity on the Appalachian Trail this spring is thinking of changing his ‘not guilty’ plea, amid rumors that the white-collar crook could also be a killer. 

Sister-Lover of Argentine Cannibal Sex Killer Cleared of Parricide Charges (photo)
Oct 23, 2015,

The young woman below was accused of acting as an accomplice to her stepbrother/lover in the cannibal sex double-slaying of their parents, but has been freed from an Argentine prison this week. 

Australia IDs Baby Doe Suitcase Victim - Another Serial Killer in Belanglo Forest?
Oct 23, 2015,

Australian authorities have finally identified their slain Baby Doe victim whose skeletal remains were found this year stuffed in a suitcase and left at the side of a remote highway near Wynarka. 

Victims Thought Swedish Darth Vader Swordsman was a Halloween Prank (cell pic)
Oct 23, 2015,

Swedish officials say school victims of the Darth Vader swordsman (shown below) initially thought his Star Wars villain costume was a Halloween hoax, until he started stabbing people with real blades. 

Cop Who Shot Corey Jones Three Times Had Checkered Career - FLA
Oct 22, 2015,

Records show that the cop who gunned down stranded motorist Corey Jones, as the musician apparently fled from him, has a very checkered career in law enforcement. 

Hubbie Pleads Guilty in Faked Disappearance of Wife Wanted by Cops in NC
Oct 22, 2015,

A North Carolina husband, who faked the disappearance of his criminal spouse so she could avoid jail, now faces five years in prison himself after pleading guilty to committing the weird crime.