Missing Student Mandeep Singh Found Drowned in NZ
Oct 28, 2015,

Missing student Mandeep Singh (below) vanished without a trace on October 10, 2015 while at an Auckland waterfront dance club with his friends. 

Zoe Hastings Murder Update: DNA Led to Arrest of Sex Predator - TX
Oct 27, 2015,

Dallas detectives working the Zoe Hastings murder case have announced that DNA was used to swiftly bring the suspect into custody over the weekend. 

Walking Dead Nutter Kills Pal He Says Was Becoming a Zombie - NM
Oct 27, 2015,

A New Mexico nutter, high on a Walking Dead and booze binge, bludgeoned his friend to death during one Netflix episode because the victim was about “to change into a zombie.” 

Wife of Jogger Hacked to Death in Dallas Park Commits Suicide - Texas
Oct 27, 2015,

Dallas police said the wife of a jogger who was hacked to death in a park by former footballer Thomas Johnson earlier this month has committed suicide over her husband’s horrific murder. 

Missing Student Laura Schwendemann Found Dead (see photo)
Oct 27, 2015,

Minnesota police searching for Laura Schwendemann have confirmed that the human remains found in a Douglas County farmfield yesterday are those of the missing college student.  (read Crime Magazine's morning report below)  

Champion Grand Prix Show-Horse Cruelly Slaughtered Near His Stall (photo)
Oct 27, 2015,

The $200,000 champion Grand Prix show-horse shown below was led from its “unlocked” stall this weekend, then cruelly slaughtered and “filleted” close by, Florida officials are saying. 

Convicted NH Prep School Rapist Loses Bid to Bypass Sex Offender Registry (mug shot)
Oct 26, 2015,

Convicted NH preppie Owen Labrie (shown below) didn’t want to have to add his name to the nation’s sex offender registry, like every other common rapist has to do.