Pretty Danish Girl High on Islamic Snuff Films Convicted of Murder (photo)
Sep 16, 2015,

The pretty Danish girl who overdosed on Islamic snuff films then butchered her mother with a kitchen knife last year was convicted of murder on Tuesday. 

Test and Lesbian Sex Scandal Vex William Cullen Bryant HS
Sep 16, 2015,

A test and lesbian sex scandal threatens to disrupt back-to-school days for William Cullen Bryant High School in Long Island City New York this semester. 

Azog the Defiler Arrested in Texas for Assault (mugshot)
Sep 15, 2015,

Azog the Defiler -- also known as actor Manu Bennett -- has been arrested in Texas for drunkenly assaulting someone over the weekend. 

Five #PiDeltaPsi Frat Bros Charged with Murder in PA
Sep 15, 2015,

Five frat bros from NYC’s Baruch College have been charged for the brutal murder-by-hazing of a freshman student while vacationing in Pennsylvania. 

Why refusing refugees asylum is a crime against nature.
Sep 15, 2015,

Sympathy for refugees fleeing from war torn and impoverished nations has proven fleeting at best, as nearly all safe havens have begun slamming the doors shut again. 

here are the latest GOP lawmakers caught with their pants down (together)
Sep 15, 2015,

The grinning GOP lawmakers shown below are Tim Kelly and Tara Mack; ticketed on August 25th by a ranger who caught the adulterous lovers doing some heavy duty petting at the state park he was patrolling.