Unarmed, Black, and Dead
Mar 8, 2015, - 0 Comments

Another unarmed black man is dead at the hands of a white police officer and another city’s streets are filling with protesters. 

Police Protection for Jodi Arias Holdout Juror
Mar 7, 2015, - 0 Comments

The sole Jodi Arias juror responsible for a hung sentencing-jury this week, and thereby freeing Travis Alexander’s killer from a death sentence, is being threatened with death herself now.  

Missing Malaysian Plane: Top 5 Conspiracy Theories
Mar 7, 2015, - 0 Comments

Missing Malaysian plane Flight 370 has now been gone without a trace exactly one year, and without ever issuing even one distress signal before suddenly falling off radar.  

Is Bill Cosby a Serial Rapist?
Mar 7, 2015, - 0 Comments

Dozens are calling Bill Cosby a serial rapist now, with startling accounts of sexual assault dating back decades into the celebrated performer’s past.  

Dead Giveaway: Aaron Hernandez DNA
Mar 6, 2015, - 0 Comments

Bad news for Aaron Hernandez in his trial for the ruthless gangland-style killing of an ex pal and fellow footballer in 2013.

1200 PIECES: Becky Watts Murder and Dismemberment Explored
Mar 6, 2015, - 0 Comments

Detectives working the Becky Watts murder and dismemberment case are examining over a thousand bits of evidence this week, including her severed body parts.

Jodi Arias Death Deadlock
Mar 5, 2015, - 0 Comments

A second jury’s let Jodi Arias escape execution for the killing of Travis Alexander.