First Responder Who Robbed Crash Victims Arrested [Minnesota]
Aug 13, 2015,

A Minnesota first responder who robbed crash victims has been arrested. 

Texas Deputy Fired for Killing His K9 Partner Jola (photo)
Aug 12, 2015,

Texas officials have fired a sheriff’s deputy for killing his K9 partner Jola, and have referred the case to the local district attorney for prosecution

Citizens Bank Fined for Pocketing Customer Deposits (2008 - 2013)
Aug 12, 2015,

Regulators have fined Citizens Bank for pocketing customer deposits to the tune of mega-millions of dollars over a period of five years. 

Settlement Approved in Kids-For-Cash Jailing Scandal (Pennsylvania)
Aug 12, 2015,

A federal judge has approved a settlement in the Kids-For-Cash jailing scandal that resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of hundreds if not thousands of Pennsylvania juveniles from 2003 to 2008. 

Secrecy Surrounds the Death of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside [Wisconsin]
Aug 12, 2015,

Weeks after his corpse was found, secrecy surrounds the death of Dr. Whiteside, found deceased in the great outdoors with a “discharged” .22-caliber firearm next to his decomposing body.  

Whitehouse Aide Busted for Assaulting Cop Boyfriend (mugshot)
Aug 12, 2015,

A Whitehouse aide and special assistant to the President has been busted this week in Maryland for assaulting her cop boyfriend with his own firearm. 

Swiss Man Sentenced for Burning Gift Ferrari [Germany]
Aug 12, 2015,

Thou shall not look a gift Ferrari in the mouth, a German judge taught a young Swiss man this week, after sentencing the ingrate to 22 months of probation and a $33,000 fine for torching his luxury car.