Jackass Star Steve-O Busted for SeaWorld Sucks Protest (mugshot)
Aug 10, 2015,

Animal rights activist and Jackass star Steve-O has been arrested for a SeaWorld protest this weekend that was mistakenly perceived by onlookers as a suicide jump. 

Windows 10 Warning (Upgrade Lets Microsoft Spy On You)
Aug 10, 2015,

WARNING: Millions of Windows 10 users are being spied on by Microsoft Corporation, now that they’ve gotten their *free* upgrade. 

French Couple Sacrificed Themselves for Son in Scorching Desert
Aug 10, 2015,

New Mexico police think a French couple sacrificed themselves in the scorching desert of White Sands National Monument to save the life of their 9-year-old son. 

MISSING: Beau to Daughter of Annie Lenox Feared Drowned in Hudson River
Aug 9, 2015,

Another Hudson River kayaking mishap -- this one involving the beau to Annie Lennox’s daughter -- has resulted in a high profile disappearance and presumed drowning.  

Vermont Mom Distraught Over Losing Custody Kills Caseworker and Relatives (photo)
Aug 9, 2015,

Police say a Vermont mom distraught over losing custody of her child this month gunned down the culprit caseworker after first murdering three relatives she also faulted for the setback

Florida Gator Who Gobbled Swimmer’s Arm CAPTURED
Aug 9, 2015,

A Florida gator who gobbled a swimmer’s arm and nearly drowned her in yesterday’s surprise assault has been captured this morning.