Fake Cop Arrested for Trying to Arrest Real Cop (Ohio)
Aug 6, 2015,

A fake cop arrested for trying to arrest a real cop in Ohio on Sunday night had suspiciously tricked-out his own vehicle with a flashing band of red and blue emergency lights. 

MISSING PERSON: Freedive Phenom Natalia Molchanova Believed Drowned [Spain]
Aug 6, 2015,

Rescuers in Spain have given up the search for freedive phenom Natalia Molchanova, believed to have drowned while recreationally diving off the coast of Balearic Sea near Formentera Island. 

Twitter Gets Dragged Into Ugly Custody Battle
Aug 5, 2015,

Social media giant Twitter is being dragged into a controversial child custody case, Crime Magazine has learned

Justin Barnett Missing-Person Cold Case is Solved (lap dancer confesses to murder mutilation)
Aug 5, 2015,

The Justin Barnett missing-person cold case is solved at last, now that a lap dancer has confessed to luring the youth to her pad so she and a beau could mug him, in a 1995 robbery scheme gone gruesomely amok. 

Frenchman Who Buried His Old Mastiff Alive Arrested (disturbing photo)
Aug 5, 2015,

A Frenchman who buried his aging mastiff alive in a dump this weekend then abandoned the dog there to die a slow and painful death has finally been arrested. 

Three Sacrificed in Blue Moon Satanic Slayings
Aug 5, 2015,

Police are reporting a slain family of three was sacrificed in Blue Moon satanic slayings last week, and the gruesome triple homicide not discovered until days later. 

Dead Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath Now an Accused Pedophile in UK
Aug 4, 2015,

Dead ex prime minister of Britain Sir Edward Heath is officially an accused pedophile now, who also used his power and prestige to convince police not to investigate him on child sex abuse charges.