Found Drowned: Missing Murdered Kayaker Vincent Viafore
May 24, 2015,

NY police say missing murdered kayaker Vincent Viafore has been found drowned this weekend, well over a month after he disappeared in a suspicious boating mishap with his fiancée Angelika Graswald. 

Crime Is Spiking in Baltimore as Arrests Plummet
May 23, 2015,

Predictably, crime is spiking in Baltimore, in what some critics say is an intentional law enforcement “slowdown” by officers bitter about the Freddie Gray prosecutions of six of their finest. 

Ghoulish Florida Dentist Sued for Gruesome Dentistry Closes Shop of Horrors
May 23, 2015,

A Florida dentist sued for gruesome and often unneeded dental procedures on poor children has closed his “house of horrors” and relinquished his license to perform dentistry. 

Duggar Molestation Claims Derail 19 Kids (and counting)
May 23, 2015,

Amid Josh Duggar molestation claims, TLC has yanked its immensely popular Duggar family reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. 

#BREAKING AdultFriendFinder HACKED
May 22, 2015,

Attention, AdultFriendFinder members, don’t bother logging in right now, even if you’ve got mail, because the popular dating site’s operator says they’ve just been subjected to a major security breach. 

Armed Elderly Woman Police Standoff Over
May 22, 2015,

LA officials say an armed elderly woman, who summoned police to her mobile home and then held them in a 22-hour standoff, is now in custody after attempting to shoot a SWAT bot and surrendering. 

Caged Woman Who Escaped RSO Found Slain
May 22, 2015,

Missouri police say a caged woman who escaped from her armed capture almost a month ago was tracked down by the registered sex offender this week and slain, alongside her teenage son.