Case Developments This Week on Crime Magazine (July 27, 2015)

Jul 27, 2015 - by Eponymous Rox

This week at Crime Magazine we’re tracking case developments and breaking news on the following top stories and more: 

1. Reclusive sibling suspects in the #BrokenArrow Massacre last week of the #Bever family are now both charged as adults for multiple homicide in the premeditated stabbing deaths of their loved ones -- ATF now joins investigation into motive of brothers’ brutal crimes amid reports of a stockpile of guns and ammo arriving the day after they scheduled their kill spree – isolated and obsessive online gamers may also have been quietly abused leading to the massacre…? Full case background HERE.

2. Australia’s dead #BabyDoe toddler girl found dead in a suitcase left at the side of a highway has blonde hair and was killed in 2007, say Aussie police -- no children her age or description reportedly listed in their national missing-persons database -- could she be the long missing #Madeleine McCann? Read more HERE.

3. Capsized and missing seafarer boys Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen might've been secretly heading for the Bahamas when a thunderstorm flipped their boat over in the Atlantic Ocean -- Navy joins Coast Guard and football legend Joe Namath in race against time to find the two 14-year-olds, before they’re permanently #LostAtSea. Read about this case HERE.

4. Milwaukee Lion is real and still on the loose, warn police, and it might have a cub by its side as well -- small dog mistaken by scaredie-cat for the suspect #BigCat is recuperating today after being shot in the paw – smart #lion escaped containment line. Read full update HERE.

5. Missing Florida baby #LonzieBarton related to still- missing girl #HaleighCummings -- mother’s beau arrested for lying about Lonzie’s “abduction” and has extensive criminal background -- is missing boy dead already? Read Crime Magazine’s latest coverage today.

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