Today's Crime Headlines

Arrest of Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch Sought for Jumping Parole (photo)
Dec 16, 2015,

Police in Texas are seeking to re-arrest ‘affluenza’ teen murderer Ethan Couch (below) who apparently has gone AWOL on his parole officer. 

BREAKING: Bomb Threats That Caused Massive LA School Closures Came from Frankfurt - Germany
Dec 15, 2015,

BREAKING: Sources say the electronic bomb threats that caused the entire Los Angeles school system to suddenly cancel classes today originated from the heart of Germany. 

Cops: Embalmed Head Did Not Just Roll Off a Truck (see police sketches)
Dec 15, 2015,

Pennsylvania officials are still trying to figure out how a severed head (below) ended up in the woods last year, and who the decapitated woman is. 

Bill Cosby Slaps Rape Accusers with Defamation Suits (wiki pic)
Dec 15, 2015,

Accused serial rapist Bill Cosby has slapped his victims with countersuits yesterday, claiming they’ve ruined his “honorable” reputation and career. 

Stabbed French Schoolteacher Lied About ISIS Attacker - Paris
Dec 15, 2015,

Paris prosecutors aren’t saying yet why a French schoolteacher, claiming to be stabbed in the throat by a radical Moslem yesterday, “made up the attack.” 

Amazon Halts Hoverboard Craze (because they tend to explode)
Dec 14, 2015,

Best to cross off hoverboards from your Amazon holiday shopping list this year… 

Cops: Husband of Slain Doctor Teresa Sievers Hired Hitmen Buddies (kids likewise in danger)
Dec 14, 2015,

Florida prosecutors claim the bludgeoning death of Dr. Teresa Sievers last summer was “orchestrated” by her husband for financial gain, and now her children are likewise in danger. 

Activist Vandals Dislike Facebook Headquarters in Hamburg - Germany
Dec 14, 2015,

The defacement of Facebook’s headquarters in Hamburg Germany over the weekend coincides with a national criminal probe into the social media network’s alleged anti-refugee stance. 

ALERT: Katelin Akens, 19, Missing in Spotsylvania - Virginia
Dec 13, 2015,

Missing 19-year-old Katelin Akens disappeared from the same town on the same weekend that 21-year-old Heather Ciccone was lured from home and shot dead in her vehicle… 

Beware of Flimflamming Delivery Men and Their Card-Skimming Scam (BBB alert)
Dec 13, 2015,

The Better Business Bureau is issuing an alert this holiday season so no other consumers get taken in by bogus delivery men and the latest bank-card skimming scam.