Cecil the Lion Cub Has NOT Been Slain (photo)

Aug 9, 2015

The good news is that Cecil the lion cub has NOT been slain, as has been reported by numerous mainstream media sources this weekend. 

The bad news is that rumor mongering could be providing the cover that Cecil’s murderer desperately needs now -- Dr. Walter Palmer still remains at large, a matter that requires the public’s undivided attention.

Palmer has not been sighted since he went into hiding last month after being exposed as the aged trophy hunter who illegally lured and maimed Cecil the lion, then tracked the wounded beast for 40 more hours before finally killing and dismembering him.

Per Zimbabwean investigators, Palmer and his fellow poachers hid or destroyed Cecil’s GPS research collar to cover up their crime, but, as any remorseless big game *hunters* would do, stole the animal’s hide and head as trophies.

The collar has not been found yet, but the other two items of contraband were allegedly intercepted en route to America where Walter Palmer is a citizen and owns a handful of properties. (Including a now-shuttered and vandalized dental practice.)

Cecil the lion's cubs are alive and well

Cecil, the famous 13-year-old lion king Palmer et al cruelly slaughtered for “sport” in July, was the alpha male of a large pride of lionesses and about seven to eight healthy cubs the animal had sired this season.

His cruel death then set off reasonable fears for the pride’s future and well being, particularly Cecil’s offspring, since rival males naturally practice infanticide to ensure the integrity of their own seed.

Rumors that one of those cubs was recently killed by an unidentified suitor are reportedly false, and likely due in part to the confirmed death of one cub earlier in the spring, long before Cecil the lion himself had been butchered.

Sources are also disclaiming that Cecil’s appointed second, a younger male named Jericho, abandoned the family this week in favor of another group of females, thus forcing his now-leaderless pride to become nomadic to ensure their safety.

This rumor too, according to the Cecil the Lion facebook community, is unfounded. So share the good news today.

Eponymous Rox

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