#BREAKING - Glossip Stay of Execution GRANTED by Gov Fallin after Denial by US Supreme Ct.
Sep 30, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: In the matter of Glossip, Richard E. Versus Oklahoma: 

Texas Teen Matricide Update [photos]
Sep 30, 2015,

The 14-year-old boy accused of committing matricide in Texas this month had been placed in child protective services at least three times before slaying his mother at the home they shared. 

Texas Teen Matricide Update [photo]
Sep 30, 2015,




Officer Seeks to Save K9 Partner Chip from being Euthanized in MD
Sep 30, 2015,

A decorated officer from Maryland seeks the public’s help in saving the life of his K9 partner ‘Chip’ who he fears will be euthanized by the MCPD for no valid reason. 

Murder Charges for Mom Who Threw Her Newborn to Its Death in NYC
Sep 30, 2015,

The 33-year-old woman who threw her newborn to its death in NYC this week was arrested and charged with infanticide yesterday. 

#DeadManWalking Richard Glossip Asks US Supreme Court for Stay in OK
Sep 30, 2015,

After a two week postponement earlier this month, Oklahoma has denied #DeadManWalking Richard Glossip (shown below) any more time to prove his innocence. 

Newborn with Umbilical Cord Falls to Her Death in NYC
Sep 29, 2015,

NYC officials are investigating how a newborn with her umbilical cord still attached *fell* from a window several stories to her death yesterday.