Gang Raped, Robbed and Drowned - South Africa
Nov 9, 2015,

A peaceful and picturesque South African park became a place of terror for two married couples taking an evening stroll together late last month. 

IDENTITY THEFT: Top 4 Ways You Make Yourself a Target (and how not to)
Nov 9, 2015,

Identify theft is a fast growing industry. Below are the top four ways you’re inadvertently making yourself a perfect target: 

BREAKING NEWS: Subway Shooter Opens Fire at Rush Hour in NYC
Nov 9, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: A manhunt is underway for a subway shooter this morning who opened fire during rush hour near the Penn Station stop in Manhattan. 

Did Mother of Murdered Chicago Boy Buy a Car with GoFundMe Burial Donations?
Nov 9, 2015,

[PHOTO] The mother of the Chicago boy who was murdered last week by his father’s rival gang is being accused of using GoFundMe burial donations to buy herself a new car. 

No Missing Persons Report for Ashley Bortner - Found Bound, Slain and Burned (photo)
Nov 9, 2015,

The bound and murdered woman left ablaze on train tracks in Bridgewater Massachusetts last week has been identified as “wild child” Ashley Bortner of New Jersey. 

MANILA AIRPORT SCAM: Bullet, Bullet, Who’s Got the Bullet?
Nov 8, 2015,

International outrage continues to mount over Manila Airport's bogus bullet scam.