BLOODY SUNDAY: Ex British Soldier Arrested for 1972 Massacre - Ireland
Nov 10, 2015,

Irish authorities still pursuing justice for victims of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre have reportedly taken a 66-year-old former British soldier into custody. 

Naked Couple Killed at Lemon Hill Lovers Lane Were Two Timing - Philly
Nov 10, 2015,

Philadelphia police say a naked couple gunned down while having sex at Lemon Hill Lovers Lane on Friday night were undoubtedly the victims of a “crime of passion.” 

Gang Raped, Robbed and Drowned - South Africa
Nov 9, 2015,

A peaceful and picturesque South African park became a place of terror for two married couples taking an evening stroll together late last month. 

IDENTITY THEFT: Top 4 Ways You Make Yourself a Target (and how not to)
Nov 9, 2015,

Identify theft is a fast growing industry. Below are the top four ways you’re inadvertently making yourself a perfect target: 

BREAKING NEWS: Subway Shooter Opens Fire at Rush Hour in NYC
Nov 9, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: A manhunt is underway for a subway shooter this morning who opened fire during rush hour near the Penn Station stop in Manhattan. 

Did Mother of Murdered Chicago Boy Buy a Car with GoFundMe Burial Donations?
Nov 9, 2015,

[PHOTO] The mother of the Chicago boy who was murdered last week by his father’s rival gang is being accused of using GoFundMe burial donations to buy herself a new car.