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State’s Oldest Inmate Executed
Mar 18, 2015, - 0 Comments

The oldest inmate executed in Missouri yesterday lost a last-minute ditch effort to obtain clemency for his preexistent brain injury and below-average IQ. 

Bro Stabs Sis Calls 911
Mar 18, 2015, - 0 Comments

Another under-aged boy is in police custody for stabbing his little sister, although this time the victim didn’t die. 

Food Network Contestant Slain for Fame
Mar 17, 2015, - 0 Comments

The motive for a Food Network contestant’s slaying and that of her husband and unborn child appears have been robbery -- yet another harsh reality check for those seeking “15 minutes of fame” via pseudo-reality television. 

Killer Crocs Caught with Human Remains
Mar 17, 2015, - 0 Comments

The killer crocs caught chowing on a human remains last month have been released on their own recognizance, following the conclusion that their tasty torso belonged to someone who’d already been shot. 

Durst Letter NOT THE JINX Led to Arrest
Mar 17, 2015, - 0 Comments

It was a Robert Durst letter, not The Jinx bombshell he uttered during HBO’s filming of the crime special about him, which led to the accused killer’s arrest during the Ides of March. 

Two Sought in Sahray Barber Abduction
Mar 17, 2015, - 0 Comments

Two sought in the Sahray Barber disappearance from her Southern California home earlier this month are still at large and so far unnamed.  

Aged Missouri Murderer to be Executed
Mar 16, 2015, - 0 Comments

An aged Missouri murderer is to be executed tomorrow, the senior citizen's crime and imminent punishment all but forgotten amid Ferguson’s most recent gunfights and street brawls.