Reward Grows in Murder of Tiny Dog (photo)
Oct 2, 2015,

Weeks after a small Pomeranian was kicked to death and left at his owners’ doorstep with a hateful note attached, the reward for info leading to the arrest of Foxx’s killers has quadrupled. 

#UCC Oregon: Another Mass Shooting in a Gun-Free Zone.
Oct 2, 2015,

Like most mass murderers before him, the cowardly #UCC shooter sought unarmed victims in a gun-free zone to maim and slaughter yesterday. 

BREAKING - Active Shooter Dozens of Casualties at Umpqua College in OR
Oct 1, 2015,

#BREAKING NEWS - Oregon officials are reporting an active shooter and dozens of injured and/or dead at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. 

Snapchat Murder Selfie Leads to Arrest of Gun-Freak BF
Oct 1, 2015,

A slain Arkansas woman’s Snapchat murder selfie has lead investigators to arrest her gun-toting boyfriend for homicide. 

Henry McCabe Missing Persons Case: Voicemail Screams and Growls Scary Clues in MN
Oct 1, 2015,

The Henry McCabe missing persons case has taken a scary turn in Minnesota this week. 

Skeleton of Missing Teen Joshua Maddux Found Inside a Chimney in CO
Oct 1, 2015,

The skeletal remains of missing teen Joshua Maddux (pictured below) were found inside the chimney of an abandoned cabin in Colorado this week. 

#BREAKING - Glossip Stay of Execution GRANTED by Gov Fallin after Denial by US Supreme Ct.
Sep 30, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: In the matter of Glossip, Richard E. Versus Oklahoma: