Million Dollar Reward Offered for Return of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers.
Jul 13, 2015,

A Judy Garland fan is offering a million dollar reward for the return of the ruby slippers the actress wore in The Wizard of Oz

Serial Baby Killer and Animal Abuser Seeks Dismissal of Her Charges (Massachusetts)
Jul 13, 2015,

A lawyer for an accused serial baby killer and animal abuser is seeking dismissal of her criminal charges or, alternately, to suppress the evidence against her. 

BREAKING - Paris Hostage Situation (10 held by 3 gunmen)
Jul 13, 2015,

A Paris hostage situation is unfolding at this hour in what investigators are saying was a botched armed robbery. 

Buffalo Bills Coach Arrested for Rampage and Death Threat (Florida)
Jul 12, 2015,

The Buffalo Bills coach arrested today for his violent rampage and death threats against three children fishing at a public beach has been charged for misdemeanor battery. 

Over 50-million viewers of dead Baby Doe cannot ID her -- can you?
Jul 12, 2015,

Please take a good look at dead Baby Doe in the police artist’s composite photo of her below… 

Over 50-million people have already viewed this haunting portrait online, and yet thus far no one recognizes the deceased and discarded child.

Who Hid the Phone Cam in a Starbucks Restroom This Time?
Jul 12, 2015,

Police are investigating who hid the phone cam in a Starbucks restroom -- this time in Lancaster California. 

Men Stole a Backhoe to Steal an ATM
Jul 12, 2015,

Two middle-aged men stole a backhoe to steal an ATM this weekend, and are in custody now for their stupid crime.