#UNHINGED - Emmy winner pleads not guilty for stabbing derider in LA
Sep 23, 2015,

A 2015 Daytime Emmy winner has pleaded not guilty for stabbing a snarky young derider who mocked his career despite having received the coveted award. 

Germany charges former Auschwitz radio-woman with 260,000 murders
Sep 23, 2015,

Germany has charged a former Auschwitz radio-woman with 260,000 murders. 

Victim Blaming Soars to New Heights in NYC
Sep 22, 2015,

Lawyers representing the NYC Housing Authority are adopting a victim blaming stance in defending a wrongful death suit brought against the city by the family of a murdered college student. 

Insanely jealous man committed the most insane murder EVER (photo)
Sep 22, 2015,

This weekend in Florida an insanely jealous man committed the most insane murder in the history of so called crimes of passion. 

“It’s not about committing the perfect crime - it’s just about how well you clean it up.”
Sep 22, 2015,

The meticulous handyman shown below is on trial in Brooklyn for killing his still-missing employer and thinks he’s committed “the perfect crime.” There’s just one little hitch, though… 

#BabyDoe Bella Bond Never Stood a Chance - Boston
Sep 22, 2015,

In her brief and indigent existence, #BabyDoe toddler Bella Bond came in contact with many adults, including county social workers, who easily could have saved her but instead walked away with a shrug.