Doc-Wife Resentenced for Painkiller Fraud and Overdose Deaths in KS
Sep 27, 2015,

A corrupt Kansas doctor and his wife were resentenced this week to decades in prison for their abusive prescription fraud scheme that led to numerous patients’ addictions and almost 70 fatal overdoses. 

#Justice4BabyGunner - Tennessee Cop Charged For Killing Toddler Son (baby photo)
Sep 26, 2015,

#Justice4BabyGunner update: A Tennessee cop was charged this week with felony child abuse and first-degree murder in the deliberate killing of his toddler son, shown in the photo below. 

Customer Service Fail for Hammerhead Waiter #AtLarge in OH
Sep 26, 2015,

A waiter who hammered a disgruntled patron in the head this week after first insulting the victim’s girlfriend is still at large in Cleveland Ohio. 

Petoskey Stone Update: Fossil Man Sought for Questioning in MI
Sep 26, 2015,

The proud new owner of an “unusual” Petoskey Stone weighing almost 100 pounds is wanted for questioning by Michigan officials today. 

Four-Million Pound Fruit Thief Busted in FLA
Sep 26, 2015,

An ambitious #FloridaMan has been #busted this week for being a very big fruit thief. 

Yer a good man, Charlie Brown, but you broke the law (again)
Sep 26, 2015,

The former voiceover of cartoon kid Charlie Brown was charged Friday in San Diego County for threatening a judge, a witness, and a cop. 

Patrick Kane Rape Case: Evidence Bag was a Hoax (lawyer resigns)
Sep 25, 2015,

The lawyer for a woman accusing Patrick Kane of raping her has withdrawn from the case, hours after a *planted* evidence bag he complained to the media about was revealed to be a hoax.