Deadly Brothers Jailed for Trying to Slay Parents in GA
Sep 7, 2015,

Two deadly brothers have been jailed after nearly murdering their parents this weekend in a suburban home about 30 miles from Atlanta Georgia. 

Body Parts of Toddler Found in Garfield Park Lagoon (Chicago)
Sep 6, 2015,

Chicago cops closed a section of Garfield Park Sunday after finding the partial remains of a toddler Saturday evening. 

#BEASTFEEDING - Chile Dog Wet Nurses Starving Toddler Boy (photos)
Sep 6, 2015,

Chilean officials claim a junkyard dog named Reina rescued a starving toddler this month in the impoverished port of Arica by breastfeeding the boy. 

Dental Assistant Complicit in Murder of Dallas Dentist (photo)
Sep 6, 2015,

A young dental assistant has admitted to being an accomplice in the execution-style murder of a popular and pretty 35-year-old pediatric dentist in Dallas as she was exiting her vehicle. 

Sep 6, 2015,

NYC officials are becoming concerned about black magic in the Big Apple, as more and more mutilated livestock are being placed in public spaces when no one’s around. 

Murder, Suicide and Arson the Source of Deadly Inferno in NJ
Sep 5, 2015,

Investigators have ruled murder, suicide and arson as the source of a Jersey Shore house fire last week that claimed the lives of a family of four, including two small children.